Dry Vacuums

Dry Vacuums

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With an impact-resistant 12 litre plastic container, bag-less design, special cartridge filter and..

£70.00 Ex VAT: £58.33

The Viper DSU12 is ideally suitable for daily indoor cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, small restaur..

£79.99 Ex VAT: £66.66

Viper DSU10 Hoover Commercial 10L Vacuum Cleaner 1000wYou will find it ideally suitable for daily in..

£86.99 Ex VAT: £72.49

This dry vacuum is ideal for small to medium duty applications thanks to its small yet compact size...

£99.99 Ex VAT: £83.33

The T 10/1 Adv brings new levels of quality and value to the contract cleaner tub vacuum sector. Wit..

£99.99 Ex VAT: £83.33

Numatic NRV200 Has all the features of the Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner design, plus an extended com..

£114.99 Ex VAT: £95.83


£122.99 Ex VAT: £102.49

The Nuvac VNP180 is a commercial quality vacuum clea..

£127.99 Ex VAT: £106.66

James is the frugal member of the family, giving professional cleaning and great value. The plugge..

£130.99 Ex VAT: £109.16

Harry was developed specifically for pet loving people, he has all the features of Henry with the ..

£133.99 Ex VAT: £111.66

Hetty (short for Henrietta) is not just a pretty face! She has all the features and specifications..

£136.99 Ex VAT: £114.16

The T 10/1 eco!efficiency brings new levels of quality and value to the contract cleaner tub vacuum ..

£169.99 Ex VAT: £141.66

The A-rated T 12/1 eco!efficiency tub vacuum provides superb daily cleaning performance from its sup..

£219.99 Ex VAT: £183.33

The T 12/1 Hf dry vacuum cleaner has been specially developed for the particular challenges of clean..

£229.99 Ex VAT: £191.66

The extra large container capacity of 17 l will satisfy everybody who asks for longer working interv..

£249.99 Ex VAT: £208.33

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